Retail Shelf Planner
Professional planograms for everybody
It is very well possible to start using Retail Shelf Planner without any training. The software has been developed with the objective to be as easy to use as possible and various white papers in the support-section will help you to start using the powerful capabilities very quickly.

But maybe you want to know more about how to apply the software in the different commercial situations you encounter:
  • Introduction of a new product
  • Preparations of account meetings
  • ...
Our trainers / consultants have years of experience in the FMCG and CPG industry and can tailor a training program to your specific situation.

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Advice / Consulting
Are you experiencing a peak-period and don't have sufficient staff? Do you have a temporary need for specialized support to a project? Do you want an expert to review your planograms? Or do you prefer to use a "spacemanager-on-demand"?

Our consultants have years of experience in the FMCG and CPG industry and can support you in many different ways. From executing project-activities to functioning as a soundingboard.

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Build / Maintain product database
To be able to build and analyse planograms quickly and efficiently, you need a product database. Of all products in the category you need attributes like name, supplier, physical dimensions, segment, taste, packaging size, etc. (These attribute obviously differ from category to category and depend on the level of analysis you want to do.)

We can help you building and/or maintaining the product database. Measuring products, assigning attributes to even visiting shops and purchasing the required products.

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Live Images
It's not mandatory, but professional suppliers present their planograms usually with photorealistic images, so called Live Images. Apart from the fact that your work looks more professional, it's also possible to see new products / packaging in their real context before the actual introduction.

We can support you in making the Live Images and making them available in the best possible way for Retail Shelf Planner. This is often done as part of building and maintaining the product database, but can also be done as a separate service. We take photos of the products, manipulate the images and can even play a role in visiting the stores and purchasing all products.

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Training Spacemanagement Software

Advies / Space Consulting

Opbouw product bestand / productdatabase

Live Images